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Topical Finasteride Essential Clinic Spray Bottle

Topical Finasteride + Minoxidil Liposomal Gel

Topical finasteride with minoxidil liposomal gel is one of the newest hair loss treatment options. It combines finasteride 2.5% and minoxidil 5% into a topical treatment that is applied directly to the scalp—no pills required. Emerging evidence suggests it can help regrow hair and prevent hair loss with a reduced risk of side effects compared to finasteride pills.



More hair, fewer side effects.

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Thicker, healthier hair

Emerging evidence has found that topical finasteride combined with minoxidil improves hair density and diameter in 90% of men.

Use it every day

Use topical finasteride and minoxidil liposomal gel every day. You should start seeing results after 3 months.

Side effects are rare

Topical finasteride + minoxidil liposomal gel is well-tolerated by most men. It tends to result in fewer sexual side effects, compared with oral finasteride.

Reverse hair loss

Aging doesn’t have to mean balding. Topical finasteride + minoxidil liposomal gel helps you keep your hair so you look as young as you feel.

What Our Patients Have To Say

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Amazing results

Amazing service! Fast, easy, 100% online and no hassle. Renewing prescriptions was easy as well and seeing amazing results ❤️ Thanks!


Great service

I've been using them for over a year now, and their online chat and emails are always very prompt and polite. They answer all of my questions and concerns in a friendly and professional manner. I highly recommend!


Highly recommend

Extremely easy setup that works well every time my prescription is filled. I don't have to lift a finger, or think about a thing. Really good setup, and the staff have been great to deal with for any questions.


Results after 6 months

Tbh was pretty skeptical, but I definitely noticed [hair regrowth] results after around 6 months. I was lucky to start early, so I grew a little back and now it's doing well maintaining it for the past year and a half. No side effects personally


Worth it 500%

Amazing!!! They are fast at replying and ship directly to home. I never thought it would be so easy and comfortable dealing with my hair loss issue!


Great customer service

Answered all my questions and did everything to accommodate my needs. So easy, no hassle. Thanks to all staff that helped with my concerns.


Incredible service

Always there when I need them and if any issues pop up, they're pretty quick to sort it out with my pharmacy.


Very friendly and patient

The staff is very friendly and patient. Their correspondence is quite fast when you have questions, and they are always willing to work with you, to find the best solution.


Reviews are from patients using varying services of Essential Clinic, not necessarily Topical Finasteride + Minoxidil treatment.

Reverse hair loss and regrow hair. 95% of hair loss is treatable — find treatment today!

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Results in as little as 3 months. The sooner you start, the more hair you’ll keep.

What is topical finasteride + minoxidil liposomal gel?

Finasteride + minoxidil liposomal gel is a treatment for hair loss that you apply directly to your scalp. It combines two powerful hair loss medications: finasteride 2.5% and minoxidil 5%. Finasteride prevents testosterone from forming DHT—a hormone that damages hair follicles and causes hair loss. Minoxidil dilates blood vessels so hair follicles get the nutrients they need to stay healthy. In this gel, they work together to give you dual hair growth power.

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How do I get finasteride + minoxidil liposomal gel?

You can buy finasteride + minoxidil liposomal gel online from Essential Clinic. Note that you need a prescription to buy it because it contains finasteride. To get a prescription start your online hair loss consultation. Our qualified medical professionals will assess your case and, if you’re approved, provide you with a prescription on the spot. You can buy your topical finasteride gel and we’ll ship it discreetly to your door.

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Is topical finasteride + minoxidil liposomal gel right for me?

We offer a number of hair loss treatment options so you can find the best one for you. Topical finasteride + minoxidil liposomal gel is ideal for guys that want the benefits of finasteride, but who are also worried about the sexual side effects. Share your preferences with our medical practitioners and they’ll help you find the ideal hair loss treatment for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these treatments effective? 🤔Our prescription treatments stop hair loss for 90% of men and 65% will see regrowth 🙌.
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